How We Work

At Hager’s Journeys, we work for you – not the travel providers. We have a six-step process in place to ensure that you have a vacation experience that exceeds your expectations. Our initial meeting with you will be in person if you are in our local area, or via Facetime/Skype or telephone if you're not..

Our Six Step Process


Step One - Consultation 

During our initial conversation with you, we'll learn about your travel history, your preferences, and what your target budget will be. Depending upon the type of trip you are planning, we may ask you to complete an informational form or two, and return them to us prior to your initial meeting with an advisor. At that meeting, your advisor will review your responses with you, and obtain any other information necessary.

This initial consultation is complimentary. It is the time when we learn about each other, make sure we are a good fit for each other, and discuss our fees involved to continue working on your trip (see How We Get Paid).


Step Two - Collaboration

Once we decide that we are a good fit to work together, we schedule a second meeting. Between the first and second meeting, we put together a few ideas regarding your proposed trip, and communicate with you, usually via email or phone call, to get your input. We discuss destinations, activities, and price.


Step Three – Design

Next, your advisor begins to put together a preliminary itinerary, cruise or tour recommendation, and contacts the travel providers.

By the second meeting, we have a draft itinerary and pricing ready for you. We discuss the trip and “tweak” it as necessary. We'll also present the various types of travel insurance available to protect non-refundable money and to provide medical coverage while out of the United States.


Step Four – Reserve

We make and confirm all your reservations, and collect and make the required supplier payments.


Step Five – Experience

With your permission, we keep in touch during your trip whenever possible. If you are on an independent journey, we communicate with the travel provider throughout the trip. If you are on a cruise or escorted tour, we communicate with you via email if possible – just to be sure everything is running smoothly.


Step Six – Share

When you return from your trip, we have another conversation. We want to know what you loved best about your trip, and what, if anything, you would do differently next time. By doing this, we get to know your preferences and can draw on this knowledge when we plan your next trip. We also share your input with the suppliers you traveled with.

Special Services:
There are a lot of little details that need to be taken care of when you travel - visa's and passports,

How we get paid

Hager’s Journeys is paid in three ways. First, we charge our clients fees, the amount of which is determined by the complexity of the trip. It can run from $50 to consult, book and manage a cruise or a tour, to several hundred dollars to arrange independent travel to multiple cities.

The second way we are paid is by commission from travel suppliers such as hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, etc.

Our fees offset reliance on commissions and enable us to recommend travel providers based on your needs instead of the amount of commission we would be paid. We often recommend non-commissionable providers, especially for local activities.

The third way is through referrals. Our goal is for you to be so delighted with your trip that you’ll tell all your friends about us when you get back.

Schedule of Fees

Management fee for cruise, tour bookings and vacation packages:

$50 per reservation.

$50 per change, after deposit is made


Design and Management Fee for Custom Travel:

Depends upon the complexity of the trip, starting at $200


Hotel Bookings that are not part of a custom trip:

$25 per hotel


Rail Bookings:

$30 per passenger


Air Tickets (only if part of a complete trip):

$30 per passenger for domestic tickets

$50 per passenger for international tickets



$75 per person after deposit but before final payment, plus supplier penalties

$500 after final payment, plus supplier penalties